SmartMoney ATM



Smart Money ATM, LLC is a New Jersey based ATM provider that offers placements, sales, processing, installation, cash management, maintenance, technical support and administrative assistance.


Why have an ATM at your business?

  • Increased sales - ATMs allow your customers access to all of their available cash from bankcards, credit cards, etc. When customers have more money, they spend more money. Studies have shown up to 20% of the money withdrawn from an ATM is spent in that location.
  • Increased profits - ATMs provide another revenue stream for your business.
  • Control bad debt - Cash does not bounce. Cash does not have the issues like charge backs & disputed charges.
  • Reduce costs - By directing your customers to the ATM, you can greatly reduce the credit card and bank processing fees you are currently paying.
  • Convenience - An ATM at your business provides the convenience of shopping and cash withdrawal in one trip.  Our full service ATM solutions are unmatched second to none.
  • Increase foot traffic - Your customers will no longer have to stop at your competitors to get cash. You will have customers stopping at your place of business because you can accommodate their cash needs.
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